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HeartsHub is a comprehensive guide to helplines for victims of abuse and/or violence in all forms. We are also #Blackfish / wildlife supporters.
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 #MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness!

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#MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness! Empty
PostSubject: #MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness!   #MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness! EmptySun May 18, 2014 11:20 pm

There are an amazing number of very deserving charities and projects that have an online presence and a lot of people who fund raise for various charities.

Our aim as part of a set of support accounts under the HeartsHub banner is to raise awareness of charities and projects so that if someone should wish to contact an organisation to either donate or seek help, they know where to head.

The MakeSomeNoiseProject doesn’t request donations or accept them on behalf of your charity or project, we draw attention to relevant donation links, for example: on a website, a twitter bio or tweet which identifies where donations are made direct to the charity or project in question.

We are a small “noise” at present but growing and we want to reach as many as we can to publicise the great projects and charities that have an online presence that we can direct people to.

We do that by writing a dedicated blog post (http://makesomenoiseproject.wordpress.com/) and also tweeting about the relevant charity or project; what their aims are, with a brief description, so that others become aware of them. We also retweet to raise awareness.

We ask permission before featuring a charity or project and we don’t expect anything from the charities or projects that we feature, although we will reference the specific website as research for any article for our blog.

I hope that clarifies what we are trying to achieve. If you would like us to #makesomenoise about your charity or project, please let us know!

We want to share your charity or project with others #Heart2Heart.
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#MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness! Empty
PostSubject: Questions and Answers about the Make Some Noise project.   #MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness! EmptySun May 18, 2014 11:23 pm

Please find below some Questions and Answers about the Make Some Noise project.

1) ”If you plan to raise money, are you registered with the government as a non-profit?”

As stated elsewhere, it is not our intention to receive funds or donations. If a person should wish to donate funds to a given charity, we would encourage them to contact that charity directly, rather than through ourselves as intermediaries. In our experience most charities have web pages and most enable people to donate at that point of access.

2) “Will there be full financial disclosure?”

It is not our intention to take donations, and anyone wishing to donate would be directed to the relevant charity directly, so no requirement for financial disclosure exists.

3) “What kind of experience do you and your trustees have with running a charitable foundation?”

As previously stated, we are not a charitable foundation, we do not have any intention of acting as intermediaries for donations to charity and would request that anyone wishing to donate to a charity does so directly and not through ourselves.

4)”What are your qualifications for counseling rape victims?”

We do not offer a counselling service, there are professional access points should anyone seek to have counselling for trauma.

5) “And HOW do you plan to help them?”

Through personal experience and the experience of others who have experienced domestic abuse, rape trauma, or bullying in any form; at school, college, on-line or in the workplace; we have identified that there is often a lack of awareness of the help and support organisations that are available.

We have also become aware that many people, particularly the young and those subject to peer pressure, are unaware of professional and supportive organisations which have an on-line presence and can help and support them. Our aim is to provide a “one stop shop” of resources, drawn from on-line organisations, which will allow anyone wishing to access help and support to do so in their own time.

As we also have a personal experience in some of the areas, we offer a friendly ear should anyone wish to talk but there is no pressure on them to do so. We recognise that sometimes simply articulating a problem to another person can be of help. It shows that someone is not alone and gives someone the ability to talk of issues, where open discussion of emotions and abuse is often something that an abuser will try to take away.

We will seek to raise awareness and if we are able, to fund raise personally as individuals to assist support charities in their work.

6) “What makes your organization different from the many established foundations that are already out there?”

The Make Some Noise project, under the HeartsHub banner is, we feel, a project which in the fullness of time, will draw together in one place, resources for self-help and a means of access to recognised support and raise awareness of the need for a greater compassion to others, recognising that every person has a story that they may or may not wish to share in full and that everyone has a right to be supported in times of need.

There are many other charities and foundations and projects which fulfil a similar role, we wished to add our awareness and personal experiences and try to Make Some Noise in raising awareness of of charities and projects so that if someone should wish to contact an organisation to either donate or seek help, they know where to head..

Sharing information #Heart2Heart
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#MakingSomeNoise and raising awareness!
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