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 Nour "Strength, Support, Solace"

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PostSubject: Nour "Strength, Support, Solace"   Nour "Strength, Support, Solace" EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 6:40 am


"Due to very limited resources at Nour we are currently unable to provide a helpline directly to us and advise any one looking for help regarding domestic violence from an Islamic Advisor or Legal Advisor to use our Advisors Contact Form. However, we have managed to partner with the Muslim Community Helpline who you can contact if you require immediate help. The Muslim Community Helpline has been in operation since March 2007 and aims to provide a listening and emotional support service for members of the community. Please be sure to let them know you are coming from Nour and would specifically like help regarding domestic violence."

To contact the Muslim Community Helpline call:
0208 904 8193
0208 908 6715
Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm

Twitter @NourDV

"A charity engaging with the minority muslim communities, to become aware & take action against the silent yet prevalent issue, domestic violence." London UK

from their website

"Nour is a charity which aims to engage the public, and especially the minority muslim communities, to become aware and take action against this silent yet prevalent social injustice – domestic violence.
We believe it is important to be pro-active rather than reactive. At Nour we also have a strong Islamic ethos and seek to condemn domestic violence using Islamic literature from both the Quran and the prophetic teachings. This is important in communities where there is a general but widespread misconception that Islam advocates domestic violence.
We are currently able to offer access to Islamic advisors, professional advisors and legal advisors"
"We provide Islamic support and advice through our Islamic advisors (male and female) who are from a range of different Islamic schools of thought. We also have a dedicated team of professional and legal advisors who are able to offer psychological support and appropriate counselling to victims of domestic violence.

Nour will address the prevalent yet threateningly silent issue of domestic violence (DV) in the Muslim community. 1 in 4 women suffer from DV during their lifetime in the U.K. however this statistic may not reflect minority communities, more specifically the Muslim community. There is a general reluctance to address this issue but also a misinformation that DV is advocated in Islam.

Our services are accessible for all and there will be no discrimination of DV victims based on religion, gender and so forth. Every victim’s situation is unique and hence we will provide a one to one liaison with any of our professionals to ensure the needs are met of those who are suffering from domestic violence.

The work undertaken at Nour is also importantly focused on providing the much needed education and awareness of domestic violence and its prevalence in society but also in the Muslim community, through hosting informative public seminars and lectures. Our philanthropic motivation is rooted within the teachings of Islam; what makes Nour fundamentally unique is the application of Islamic literature from both the Qur’an and the Prophetic teachings as a platform to provide the well characterised framework of Islam, to both refute and condemn DV. Thus, part of the work which will be undertaken at Nour will involve re-educating those who believe DV is advocated and condoned by Islam, especially within the Muslim community.

We work to highlight that in essence;

sabr (patience) does not equate to the endurance of suffering in silence."
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Nour "Strength, Support, Solace"
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