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 Lithuanian Womens Aid - LTWA Lietuvos moterų pagalba (London, UK based)

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PostSubject: Lithuanian Womens Aid - LTWA Lietuvos moterų pagalba (London, UK based)   Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:20 am


"LTWA labdaringa organizacija suteikia pagalba lietuviškai kalbančioms moterims ir jų vaikam, kurie patiria buitinį smurtą. Visos mūsų paslaugos yra nemokamos, patikimos ir suteikiamos lietuvių kalba. Mes suteikiame pagalba privačiai ir telefonu jeigu jūms sunku mus pasiekti. Mes dirbame kartu su įvairiomis skirtingo pobūdžio organizacijomis ir agentūromis, kurioms mūsų paslaugų priežastys žinomos."

Mūsų elektroninis paštas: ltwomenaid@gmail.com

Twitter @LtWomenaid

" working towards the empowerment of Lithuanian speaking women and children who are experiencing domestic violence. London"

from their website

"LTWA is working towards the empowerment of Lithuanian speaking women and children who are experiencing domestic violence. All our services are free, confidential and offered in lithuanian language. We offer one-to-one support and remote support via telephone and email for clients who have difficulties accessing us.
We work together with other organisations and agencies and make our cause known, to reach out to all the groups who need our support. We always looking for volunteers!"

"Specialist services like ours are necessary because they offer support in overcoming language barriers and culturally sensitive service provision to Lithuanian women and their children fleeing from domestic violence. We also support our clients to overcome other significant obstacles such as discrimination, social isolation and economic exclusion. Today we continue combat inequality and oppression in an increasingly challenging financial climate.
European Commissioner Statistics show that 80% of Lithuanian respondents think that domestic violence against women is very common.
To overcome language barriers we support women in their native language.
We have a profound understanding of the complex wider cultural issues and community attitudes towards gender-based violence.
We give Lithuanian women confidence to approach services they would never otherwise approach (police, social services, courts, ect) due to a lack of knowledge, fear of discrimination and racism or negative past experiences in the UK or their home country.
Many Lithuanian women are not aware of their rights and entitlements - we empower women by raising their awareness about these rights.
We promote equality, and are a portal for integration as we offer out clients a pathway into the community through advice, information and participation in community based activities as well as further education guidance, so they can be active contributors to society.
Our high level of expertise helps create shared knowledge of issues facing Lithuanian communities, such as alcohol, drug abuse, prostitution, poverty/social exclusion, unemployment and ect.
Without the support of organisations such as ours thousands of women and their children would stay trapped in violent relationships and face the risk of long term mental and physical health damage or even death -our services save lives!"

Our Services -
Personal safety planning
Risk Assessment
Advice in the areas of: welfare benefits, housing, child support options, legal remedies, overcoming access barriers to statutory services.
Support with accessing counselling service
Support services for children
Overcoming the language barrier when interacting with other agencies
Support with skills development (English language courses, further education) and community integration.
Support and workshops in the areas of parenting skills, managing finances, accessing job markets, ect.
Access to temporary accommodation through Local Authorities."
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Lithuanian Womens Aid - LTWA Lietuvos moterų pagalba (London, UK based)
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