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 Let me tell you something about Treasure Boxes

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PostSubject: Let me tell you something about Treasure Boxes   Sun May 18, 2014 11:27 pm

“Our dream is to help every child in every refuge in the UK. Please help in any way you can. It isn’t all about money”

That was a recent tweet by @Treasure_Boxes and that’s an incredible dream to have..

Let me tell you something about Treasure Boxes.

The idea behind Treasure Boxes http://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/ was the thought of a six year old girl (The Treasure Fairy) who wanted to do something to help others.

I’m told on their website that the Treasure Fairy had been creating crystal and stone bracelets and selling them to friends but couldn’t decide what to do with the money. After thinking carefully, she decided that she would like to put together shoeboxes of toys for children that didn’t have any, but the difficulty was that the Treasure Fairy couldn’t find a suitable charity to donate them to. The local women’s refuge was contacted, with the idea of donating to the children there as many of the children who arrive have nothing at all.

I’m aware from the Treasure Boxes website that their local refuge sees about 50 children through their doors a year! The need is great.

The Treasure Fairy has been providing Treasure Boxes for all the children at her local refuge for two years, each box costs about £15 to make, which is about £750 to raise per year for that one refuge. A brilliant achievement and now the Treasure Fairy wants to spread her wings and her work further and she would like to start supporting refuges nationally by providing toys and refuge playrooms in refuges across the UK. (If you are a refuge and would like the Treasure Fairy’s help, you can click a link on her website http://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/

To raise the money to buy items to fill the boxes, the Treasure Fairy makes crystal and stone bracelets using high quality beads, many of the beads are semi-precious stones or Swarovski crystals. Each bracelet takes her about 15 minutes to make and the only help she needs with each bracelet is with tying and gluing the knot at the finish of making each bracelet to make sure that they are able to withstand daily wear and tear. Understandably, the demand for the Treasure Fairy’s bracelets has been so high that sometimes she needs to enlist her helpers, (her family and friends) to make sure that orders are met. But I’m told that if you specifically request that they are made by the Treasure Fairy herself, the Treasure Fairys’ mum makes sure that this happens, which is a magical thought.

The Treasure Fairy tries to make sure that each bracelet is different but she can’t always remember what they all look like so it’s not guaranteed, but each is special as far as I’m concerned! (.. and I’m told that she is now making “mother and daughter sets” – with two bracelets of the same unique design – one large and one small. )

There is currently a minimum donation of £3.50 for each bracelet, the more that is donated, the more the help for the Treasure Boxes. Approximately 0.50 pence of the cost of each bracelet goes towards buying the materials to make them and packaging and postage is currently free if you live in the UK.

FAQ’s about Treasure Boxes can be found at http://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/content/faq

The main way to help the Treasure Fairy is to make a donation in exchange for one of her bracelets but there are other ways to help too as she and her helpers are in need of suitable small items to put in their treasure boxes. Donated toys need to be small enough to fit in a shoebox along with six other items.

The Treasure Fairy only puts new toys in her shoeboxes as she wants these to be high quality. But the website says that, if you have second hand toys that you would like to donate to get in touch with Treasure Boxes via their email. In fact, if you would like to help in any way or would like to enquire about the bracelets, the email address is enquiries@treasureboxes.org.uk.

From the website, I learned that

“When Treasure Boxes was originally established in 2011 it was set up as a constituted small charity. In May 2013 the Treasure Fairy decided that she wanted this charity to be fully registered with the Charity Commission. To achieve this it was brought under the umbrella of a new organisation called ‘Growing Chances’ which will have a broader brief of helping children suffering from social or economic disadvantage. Treasure Boxes will remain protected as a project within Growing Chances and all income generated will go towards supporting children living in women’s refuges. The Treasure Fairy is too young to legally be a trustee so she has been given the title ‘Project Manager’ If a small charity has an income of under £5000 a year it is unable to register with the Charity Commission and therefore cannot have a registered charity number. Full details about these rules are available on the Charity Commission website. We are now working towards meeting this £5000 a year threshold and this was main the reason for setting up Growing Chances. We hope to meet this target by December 2013. “

So there you are, a brief introduction to a very worthwhile charity, a beautiful idea from a talented and creative little girl.

The Treasure Fairy’s website has some lovely things to find out about and explore. I would recommend that you go and see all about the Teardrop Fairies at http://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/content/teardrop-fairies or find out how to adopt a Fairy athttp://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/content/adopt-fairy-0

Enjoy exploring!

Donate if you can, the link is http://www.treasureboxes.org.uk/

Thank you, Treasure Boxes, for being our very first featured charity.

We hope you fulfil your dream!
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Let me tell you something about Treasure Boxes
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