HeartsHub is a comprehensive guide to helplines for victims of abuse and/or violence in all forms. We are also #Blackfish / wildlife supporters.
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 Abused Men in Scotland

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PostSubject: Abused Men in Scotland   Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:47 pm


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"Helpline 0808 800 0024 (freefone) 12-3pm Mon/Wed/Fri & 7-10pm Sun/Tue/Thurs for men on the receiving end of domestic abuse."

from their website
"Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) is a national organisation dedicated to supporting men who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse.

We welcome calls from men in need of support or advice, and from men and women seeking help for male friends or relatives."

"An ePetition to the Scottish Parliament was set up in December 2009, calling for recognition and services for male victims of domestic abuse. It was linked to a blog, Men in Scotland. After three weeks of collecting signatures it was lodged with the petitions committee in January 2010. All documentation relating to the petition along with the early history of the organisation is still available here.

When applying for charitable status we added the word 'abused' to clarify the focus of the charity. We then set up the website for Abused Men In Scotland (AMIS) to provide more information for men in Scotland who experience domestic abuse or violence and for anyone interested in helping them.

AMIS believes that each individual victim of domestic abuse and violence and each child or young person affected by it is entitled to expect the highest standard of identification, acknowledgement, understanding and support regardless of their gender, the gender of their abuser or the gender of their abused/abusive parent(s) or carer(s).

In seeking to encourage recognition and the provision of services for men suffering abuse, AMIS works to raise awareness of the problem particularly amongst policy makers and service providers. A focus on ‘violence against women’ has the unintended consequence of leaving men on the receiving end of domestic abuse/violence feeling isolated and unsupported.

Domestic abuse is a serious social problem which needs to be addressed in its entirety. Men who experience abuse and their children should be recognised in all public discourse and action plans, projects, education, training and funding in relation to domestic abuse.

AMIS is committed to playing a part in helping Scotland become a leader in addressing and reducing all domestic abuse."

Helpline -
0808 800 0024

12pm - 3pm Mon/Wed/Fri

7pm - 10pm Sun/Tues/Thurs

Email - contact@amis.org.uk

We aim to respond within 1 working day

Office Enquiries
0131 447 7449
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Abused Men in Scotland
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