HeartsHub is a comprehensive guide to helplines for victims of abuse and/or violence in all forms. We are also #Blackfish / wildlife supporters.
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 Welcome to HeartsHub

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PostSubject: Welcome to HeartsHub    Sun May 18, 2014 11:13 pm

"HeartsHub is a comprehensive guide to helplines for victims of abuse and/or violence in all forms. Also #Blackfish supporters.Tweets by Dinahkins and Daenerys" That's the @HeartsHub Twitter bio and we try to follow those guidelines.

HeartsHub offers #Heart2Heart guidance towards available helplines/info./dedicated organisations which offer support and information on resources available to you which can form part of the patchwork blanket of help for you after escaping from violence in all forms #Heart2Heart.

Violence can mean domestic violence situations, abuse in any form and at any age, self harm, eating disorders, bullying and Heartshub will try to provide awareness of agencies which can offer experienced and dedicated support.

@HeartsHub provides or re-tweet news, information and articles advising of the many help services available and helping to educate readers on our timeline on all areas where possible.

HeartsHub is formed from @HeartsHub as the main account, with partner accounts such as @EinHerzschlg (One Heartbeat) which is a parallel and @MakeNoiseProjct which serves as a forum to raise awareness of fundraising event and spotlights agencies that offer support or that raise donations to support the many help agencies available by collating their information here.

Its early days yet but HeartsHub hopes to be a hub, almost like a notice board, for all the specialist agencies available so that if anyone needs help but doesn't know where to go to get it, we can point them to the support that's available.

HeartsHub will always strive to give you the best support possible, from organisations and people who deserve to be trusted. We hope over time that #HeartsHub will grow to be a real seal of quality that can be worn proudly!

We feel very passionately about HeartsHub and what it can achieve.  We have between us, a personal experience of issues such as bullying at work, harassment, eating disorder, cyber bullying, self harm, abuse and domestic violence. Empathy in such situations is something that should be valued. We have attempted to create support accounts in the past and have been successful in providing links to available support and this made us very aware of the need for a hub of help information. We are not qualified to offer help ourselves, but by providing a hub of information, we feel that others may gain access to the qualified help and support that they need for their individual circumstances.

Unfortunately in the past, our attempts to provide empathy based on our own experiences have been abused by people who have played with our willingness to assist them, by misrepresenting their circumstances. We have also been driven off previous attempts to create similar accounts to HeartsHub by bullies who have made unfounded accusations. However, we are determined and feel passionately that somewhere like HeartsHub is needed and we will not be dissuaded.

HeartsHub seeks to highlight the agencies that are available to offer support and help to anyone who is going through any form of personal trauma and provide a forum where anyone can visit and gain access to the relevant agency for them.

We hope that it can offer you knowledge of which support agencies exist in your local area or nationally to provide the help you need. #Heart2Heart

We are also passionate supporters of wildlife and this is illustrated by our support for agencies who campaign for more awareness of the other beings who share our landscapes and oceans. Information regarding #Blackfish and the campaign to free Orca from captivity and the Dolphin culls at Taji are two examples you may find in our timelines and on this website.
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Welcome to HeartsHub
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